Visiting in Yuma? See all that we have to offer and "Make it Your Own"!

Welcome to Yuma…we’re glad you’re here. Whether you’re just checking us out, making plans for your visit or in Yuma and looking for things to do – we have developed this web site to provide the information you need. We have a lot to talk about, Yuma is a community of many dimensions and we are confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for…provided of course you’re looking for warm weather. It’s that warm weather that anchors a huge variety of enjoyable opportunities in Yuma. To list them all requires a lot of space, so here’s just a sample of what’s waiting for YOU:

History: Explore the history of the Wild West, Native American culture, mining, architecture, agriculture, military and more…YOU make the call.

The Colorado River: Boating, fishing, exploring, tubing or just watching it ramble by…the river will provide what YOU enjoy.

The Dunes: From enjoying the view of nature’s way to finding your way with an off-road vehicle…YOU are in charge.

Sports & Games: Be active with golf, tennis, swimming, kayaking, off-roading; explore the desert, climb the mountains, go rock hounding, take a balloon flight…YOU decide how adventurous you want to be.

Entertainment: Enjoy the arts – visual, music, dance or theatre, enjoy the offerings of hundreds of multi-cultural restaurants, shop in historic downtown or at an ultra-modern urban mall, relax at a variety of parks or get lucky at one of three exciting casinos. It’s all here just for YOU.

Gateway to Mexico: Visit our friends and neighbors across the International border. Shop, explore or whatever turns YOU on.

Facilities: Hotels, motels, and over 20,000 recreational vehicle spaces…make it just right for you.

Get the idea…Yuma is the right choice for YOU - just like its just right for the nearly 100,000 visitors that join us every winter. Pick and chose from a variety of activities, events and natures wonders and… MAKE IT YOUR OWN.